The Norwegian oil & gas industry goes for EqHub. How does this decision affect you as a Supplier?

Tirsdag 22 juni 2021
09:00 til 10:00
The webinar is free. Target group: Suppliers to the oil and gas industry

The major oil and gas operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf have decided to implement EqHub from The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association. EqHub is a service for a joint industry handling of equipment information and documentation. This webinar will explain how the service will be implemented in the industry, which requirements the suppliers will meet and also the opportunities the implementation of EqHub will mean for all participants in the industry. This webinar is held by GS1 in collaboration with The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.




EqHub - the new Highway for high quality documentation of equipment in the oil and gas industry

In the future, You as a supplier will have to use EqHub when delivering technical product information to oil and gas operators and major contractors on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

by Yngve Nilsen, Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, Senior advisor - responsible for EqHub, Virtual Inventory and Material management services




Standardisation facilitates digital transformation and distribution of product data and technical documents

There is a jungle of different information requirements and standards used by the oil and gas operators. EqHub will solve a big part of this complexity through digital solutions.

by Aage Gramstad, Efab AS, Digitalisaton & Business Development/Strategic PMO




Onboarding of Suppliers in EqHub

What preparations can you as a Supplier do to meet the requirements from your customers.  Highlights of further progress in EqHub.

by Trond Even Dagsvik, Efab AS, Senior Advisor - Subject matter expert for EqHub